Ecommerce SEO

Why do you need eCommerce SEO Services?

Having an eCommerce website is an effective method of reaching your customers online to selling more of your products. However if no one can find your website or you don’t rank for key phrase searches on the product categories and specific products you’re dealing in then it might feel that your investment in getting an eCommerce website developed has been wasted.

Consider this real-world example – if you open a new shop down some dark alley when all your potential customers are browsing on the high street, how are you ever going to make sales? Ranking high on Google and other search engines is positioning your website so it is where your customers are. Investing in eCommerce SEO services is one of the best ways to take advantage of the vast amounts of traffic available through rankings for your top product category and product terms.

Ecommerce SEO

What is the standard eCommerce SEO Process?

Key Phrase Research

Collating new key phrase research to ensure the best key phrases are being focused on across an eCommerce website.

Site Architecture

Analysis and improvement of eCommerce website architecture in line with SEO key phrase targets.

Content Development

Analysis and improvement of existing content on product category and product item pages.

Conversion Tracking

Implementing and testing eCommerce conversion tracking to ensure you can accurately gauge your online eCommerce revenue.


Implementing and improving customer reviews functionality onsite to increase conversions.

Rich Snippets

Integration of Schema (Rich Snippets) to enhance product listings in the SERPS

Product Feeds

Integrating and implementing product feeds where relevant – i.e. Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay etc.

Usability Analysis & Conversion Enhancement

Usability analysis in order to improve your overall conversion website conversion rate.

Ecommerce SEO Services

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