Terms & Conditions

Hey there! Do you have a few minutes to spare for us? We want you to read carefully the following information before you hire us.

This is the agreement that’s going to protect you and us while we work together .When you hire and seal the deal with us, you need to give your consent to the following terms and conditions and be bound to follow it to the letter. You acknowledge, understand and agree to all our terms and conditions properly.

If by any case, any kind of problem arises then, be sure to write to us or contact us immediately with your issues and we will resolve it instantly to our best ability.

Understanding our marketing policy

Prozosys do not divulge any information about our clients to anyone else in any conditions whatsoever. However when we achieve success with you, we may use your page as a bright example of our work to showcase to other clients. This will involve a link to your page with the phrase that got you into the first page of SERPs. That’s it!

Contract Review

When you book us for our services, you enter a contract with us and agree to bind by each letter present in the contract. Violation of these terms may result in terminating of the contract by Prozosys. The terms and conditions are rigid and cannot be changed by any Prozosys employee or agents in any conditions.

Prozosys require you to place an order first either through Telephone, Email whether written or verbal as seemed appropriate for you to enter in a contract with us. This said "order" will then be treated as the authentic contract between us for the time to follow.

Understanding the financial obligation

The client is required to pay the full amount agreed for the services Prozosys is going to provide in agreed timeframe. The client is duly responsible for acknowledging all the payment terms .We won’t be able to work for you if you cannot afford our services later. This is an absolute must for us failing which we may terminate the contract with you.

A brief explanation of our services

By entering into a bind contract with us, you agree to follow and be aware to the following information.

Search engines have their uniquely designed algorithms, techniques and rules to place results of company for a given search which also changes periodically by influencing the website ranking. Prozosys cannot tell which ranking you will get although it will work effortlessly to feature your site in the top ten pages. It won’t also guarantee you a certain timeframe in which period you will be on the page one of SERPs.

It's our ultimate goal to increase the visibility and ranking of your site and we will see to it that your website achieves this. However, digital marketing and seo is purely unpredictable and Prozosys can never guarantee which position or ranking you are going to get as far as you are in the top ten of the SERPs.

Prozosys cannot also guarantee the amount of traffic you will get when you work with us however we promise for the maximum result. You will also furnish us with all your login IDs and passwords to allow us full access to your website. We promise to protect your personal information.

The authority to decide on the top search engines to work on for bringing satisfactory ranking rests with Prozosys. This decision will be final based on a number of paramount factors like location, popularity, language, content or any other factors that may seem necessary for us. You won't interfere in this matter; however your suggestions are always welcome.

Prozosys can work to improve the customer's website in any light including making it visually more appealing. Suggestion phrases that will decide your website’s ranking will be done by Prozosys. We will choose the words, properly test and validate it before deciding on the final results.

Prozosys will send you weekly/bi-weekly reports on our progress, the details of the work we have done, but don't encourage any interference from your part. However, your valuable suggestions are always welcome.

Everything, every notification from both parts must be in writing to the correct address. Only then it will be considered valid and authentic. In case of any violation the due rights of Prozosys cannot be waivered in any circumstances as protected by this agreement. Prozosys will see to it that each and every portion of this entire contract is followed and maintained, violation of which may lead to termination and legal action in extreme cases.

Although we try our best to ensure you that all the work done carried out by us are free of errors but we do not accept responsibility for any sort of loss that are incurred in any part of it. Work done by Prozosys remains the copyright of Prozosys and cannot be resold or commercially reproduced without our permission.

We are not liable for costs incurred or any compensation or any loss because of the work carried done on the behalf of the clients.

We are not responsible for the losses (if any) incurred by the use of any apps or software created for the customer. While we take proper care to make sure that the products are perfect and problem free, the ultimate responsibilities lies with the customer and make sure that the software functions properly before using.

Terms and conditions for payment

Prozosys will accept the payment for its services online through credit cards and PayPal only. Please understand that when paying by cheque, Prozosys won’t start working before the standard 5 working days time frame within which the cheque clears our bank.

You cannot force us by any means to work before that. If Prozosys allows you to pay through its monthly plan then make sure you pay on the first day of month without fail with a 5% interest rate against the outstanding balance. We will work for you for the best results; we would appreciate it if you make your payments in full through the right payment method at the correct time.

Loss of service and your security

Prozosys will not be held liable if any data or files become unavailable or if any loss of service happens. In case of misuse of data, damage of any equipment that's beyond the control of Prozosys, we will not be held responsible.

We will never ever as for your financial information or have any 3rd party contact you on our behalf. Any spams, phising requests, fake emails should be immediately reported to us without any fail.

Do not respond to any mails or open any attachments from strange emails before crosschecking with us. You just have to give the IDs and passwords for your website that we need for work and will protect in any circumstances.

Disclaimer for our agreement

After signing this agreement, you as our client agree to all the terms present in this agreement to full force. Prozosys also has the power to commit our clients to each and every portion of agreement without any fail. This also serves as a legitimate agreement binding two organizations, you and Prozosys for the mentioned time period.

When paying for our services through credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, cheques or demand drafts, any mistake won't be encouraged and the client is responsible to reimburse the full payment to Prozosys. Therefore the client must properly understand and know the terms and conditions, the appropriate addresses and bank details of Prozosys before making any payments to avoid any inconvenience.

In case of any type of doubt regarding this agreement, you can ask us any time and we will be happy to clarify all your doubts. Looking forward to working with you!